Vegetables, Road to Tibet, and Tibetan Dogs

In China, Culture, Essay, Travel by Hao Wang


The immigration of Han Chinese to Tibet brought aid, technology, and
know-how to Tibet. Most notable along the way from Lhasa airport to Lhasa city
are the green houses for vegetables and water melons. My tour guide, Xiao Xu,
told me that before this wave of immigration, Tibet produce very little
vegetable, so that when the Han Chinese got a chance to visit home, the most
precious thing they could bring back would be vegetables. They would insert
vegetables as the inner layers of their coats to maximize their payload.
However, as of today, many food and consumables are still imported from other
parts of China.

The road into Tibet was indeed a costly and deadly one. Xiao Xu told me that
the 2,000 kilometer high way from Sichuan to Lhasa cost more than 3,000
soldiers’ lives to build. There was a memorial at the junction of
Sichuan-Tibetan road and Sichuan-Qinghai road to commemorate the people who
lost their lives connecting Tibet with the rest of China.

My driver Xiao Wang told me that he is breeding a kind of Tibetan dogs that is
very masculine and loyal. The dog can grow to 1.4 meter long and can handle 5
wolves simultaneously and win. The strong build resembles that of a lion. I
cannot wait to visit his house and take a look at it. Not sure how much it
would cost me to bring a pair to New York for my sons.

Tibetans are very gifted. There is a saying, one who can talk can sing, one who
can walk can dance, and one who can sip can drink (liquor). The Tibetan platoon
is on average closely to 3500 meters above sea level. The air is thin. Oxygen
level is equivalent to 60% of that of other places. The lung capacity of
Tibetans are developed larger than normal, which contributed to their ability
to sing long lasting high pitch. Tibetans usually do not drink water. When they
are thirsty, they drink beers and Qinke liquor, made of a kind of wheat grown
at high altitude. It is requisite a man must dance, the more powerful and straight
the kicks are, the better dancer he is. A woman dance with long leaves, the
more smooth and elegant arms move, the better dancer she is